Measurable Quality

Dr. James DavidsonThe foundation of patient care is quality. The OrthoArizona physicians’ commitment to providing the highest level of orthopedic care attracted me to the organization initially and is why I am now serving as the Vice President of Medical Affairs.  My principal responsibilities are to ensure that we maintain quality processes developed over the years and to identify new ones to continually raise the bar.  I chair the Quality Committee made up of OrthoArizona physicians who meet monthly for internal peer review of our practice. Over the years, this group has reviewed issues such as:

  • Indications for Total Knee Replacement
  • Arthroscopy of knees in patients with arthritis
  • Surgical rates by physician

It is not an accident that in independent evaluations, OrthoArizona physicians have performed better than other Arizona orthopedists in measures such as:

  • Appropriate ACL treatment, including lower re-do rates
  • Appropriate rotator cuff treatment, including lower re-do rates

We spend a lot of time and energy at OrthoArizona so that you get the best quality orthopedic care and optimal results with your orthopedic treatment.

James Davidson, MD
Vice President of Medical Affairs­