OrthoArizona History

Dr. David OttTwenty-one of us started this organization in January 1994 as the Orthopedic Surgeons Network of Arizona. At the start, it was orthopedic surgeons banding together in Phoenix as a response to the changes in managed care. First and foremost in our plan was to find the orthopedic surgeons who we knew were the best, but also were willing to participate in a rigorous peer accountability process.

Throughout the years, we have kept patient care first in everything we do. This meant that each patient’s problem needed to be carefully evaluated, including both the indications for surgery and the identification of any reasonable alternatives. Just because we were surgeons didn’t mean that surgery was always the first option. We took an evidence-based view towards any patient’s orthopedic problem.

We also saw that patients were often caught in the middle between the doctor and the insurance company. We didn’t want that to happen so we took the time to develop relationships with the insurance companies to keep patients out of the middle. We are proud to say reviews by insurance carriers have consistently identified that OrthoArizona physicians demonstrate higher quality.

We were able to accomplish a lot under the original Orthopedic Surgeons Network of Arizona structure. But we realized that we could even more with greater integration. So we formed a “new OSNA” – Orthopedic Specialists of North America, PLLC, which was a single orthopedic practice. OSNA, PLLC is a partnership, owned and operated by physicians. We added North America to our name because we think we may have some ideas about orthopedic practice that have value in other areas outside of Arizona. We became operational with the new OSNA as of May 1, 2010.

As you can see, OrthoArizona has gone through many name changes over the years. But one thing hasn’t changed – it still comes down to the best physicians helping each other deliver the best possible care to our patients.

David M. Ott, MD
Senior Vice President of Operations