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Dupuytren’s Disease

If you are having trouble straightening fingers or finding hard lumps on the palm of your hand, these may be indicators for a Dupuytren’s contracture.  When the tissues in the palm begins to thicken and extend into the fingers, there can be difficulty with laying the hand flat.  Your fingers may be bent inward toward the palm of the hand and may create challenges in everyday activities such as picking up an object, handshakes, or reaching into pockets.

Dupuytren’s disease most commonly occurs in the ring finger, and early symptoms may show as tender nodules or thick cords in the palm of the hand and eventually lead to fingers bending toward palm.  An OrthoArizona Hand Surgeon will examine the hand for any indicators of a Dupuytren’s contracture.

An OrthoArizona hand surgeon will discuss movement goals and hand functionality with you to determine treatment options.  Although there is no stop to the progression of Duputryen’s disease, there are non-surgical options to relieve pain.  Surgery may be recommended when there is difficulty in normal use of the hand.

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