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How to Avoid Smartphone Hand Pain

Although phones have evolved from large rotary style phones to smartphones, the human hand has yet to evolve to match the shape of the device. “Texting thumb” or “trigger thumb” is a common injury from holding your smartphone the wrong way. Other common problems from smartphone use are tendinitis and sore muscles.

Ergonomically Correct Ways to Hold Your Smartphone

Unlike ergonomically correct office chairs, the problem with smartphones and tablets is there are millions of positions you can use them in (most of them are not good for your body). Holding your smartphone at the sides and texting with both thumbs is stressful on your wrists.

You’ll want to minimize the strain on your wrist, try straightening out your wrists as much as possible by playing with your phone holding technique. Try placing your phone on a table while texting, or hold the phone in one hand and text with the other (also known as the “hunt and peck” style of typing). Be sure you are wearing the proper prescription glasses to help you see the screen clearly without bringing your phone closer to your face. Lastly, avoid unnatural movements of the wrist that will put your fingers in an awkward position.

Relieving Hand Pain from Smartphone Use

Smartphone overuse can cause tendons that connect to the thumb to become inflamed at the wrist, causing wrist pain. Your elbow can also be affected if it is constantly bent while holding the phone. These tips can help alleviate some of your hand pain if your symptoms are relatively minor.

  1. Take a Break

It’s important to take a break from constant phone. During your smartphone break, keep your muscles flexible by flexing your wrist, hand tendons, and muscles forward then backward.

  1. Utilize Hot or Cold Compress

To relax the tendons and muscles around your arm, use a hot compress. It helps for better movement. If you are experiencing acute pain that lasts for about one week, a cold compress may help better (heat may result in swelling and more throbbing pain).

  1. Massage Your Hand

To help break up the ball-like muscles in your hand, a massage can help to calm muscle spasms.

  1. Think About Your Thumb

Alternate using your other fingers for typing on the screen to prevent “texting thumb”.

  1. Go Hands-Free

Utilize your smartphone’s voice-to-text mode to help send text messages if you’re experiencing hand pain.

When to Seek Professional Help

Most hand pain from smartphone use commonly does not need medical treatment. However, if you are experiencing continuous after smartphone use like numbness, tingling, or stiffness, you may want to speak with a hand specialist. It’s possible to have a repetitive stress injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, or arthritis that can become irreversible and debilitating.

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