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How to Prepare for Fall Sports Season

Active sports help you stay healthy, meet new people, and teach you about teamwork. It’s a great way to try something new if you’ve never played a sport before. Starting a new season in sports means a lot of hard work and practice, and it’s totally normal to feel nervous (especially if this is your first season).

Here are simple tips to help you prepare for the first day:

  • Set realistic goals. Before your season starts, consider setting a few goals, such as improving a specific skill like dribbling or passing the ball. Setting a few realistic goals before the season begins is a great way to control your physical stress (i.e. improving shooting or passing the ball). Don’t over-extend yourself to try and reach unrealistic goals. Discuss your goals with your parent or coach — they can support you.
  • Check your gear. If you’re using secondhand gear, make sure to ask your coach to inspect the gear before. New equipment can be pricey, so secondhand gear is very popular but make sure it’s in proper form and has no defects.
  • Get in shape. If you don’t have an exercise plan written down, you need to create one. Schedule specific workout times during the week to help you stick with it. Ask your coach, gym teacher, or trainer for advice when writing your plan.
  • See your doctor. Your school or team will probably require a sports physical before allowing you to participate. Doctors tend to be busy at the beginning of sports seasons due to the increased demand for mandatory sports physicals.

Remember to include rest time into your schedule, whether you’re training with a team or on your own. It’s highly suggested to take at least 1–2 days off per week from competitive sports and training. To help prevent repetitive stress injuries, take at least two months off each year from any particular sport.

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