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Olive Oil And Arthritis Treatment

According to a recent report, a substance found in various types of olive oil, called oleocanthal, is scientifically proven to produce similar pain-relieving results as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen. Moreover, research indicates phenolic compounds present in extra virgin olive oil contain anti-inflammatory properties.

The orthopedic surgeons at OrthoArizona are passionate about educating patients on the management and treatment of joint pains, injuries, and diseases. The specialists understand the most common cause of joint pain typically is arthritis, and if not treated properly, it can cause significant pain.

The natural compound oleocanthal blocks the same inflammatory pathways as certain NSAIDs. Additionally, the polyphenol extract found in extra virgin olive oil can decrease joint edema, cell migration, cartilage degradation, and bone erosion. Introducing olive oil into your meal plans could significantly decrease arthritis pain and inflammation symptoms.

Therefore, instead of using vegetable oil, butter, or any other kind of cooking-oil alternative, use olive oil to cook your meals! Just remember to do so sparingly, especially if you’re trying to lose weight. Although the compounds found in olive oil are considered “healthy” fats, they’re still really high in calories. Also, when purchasing olive oil, select the “extra virgin” kind. This kind of oil has higher amounts of oleocanthal.

Extra virgin olive oil is great for cold dishes because it tends to burn quickly when it’s heated. Try drizzling it on salads, pastas, breads, and vegetables! If you’re looking for other options, “virgin” olive oil and a “pure” olive oil blend are decent substitutes.

Virgin olive oil is good for cooking, especially when it’s brushed on meat, fish, or poultry prior to heating. Pure olive oil blends are mixed with refined olive oil and virgin olive oil. This has significantly less health benefits because some or most of the olives have been chemically treated. If you’re trying to work up your tolerance to the taste of olive oil, start with pure olive oil and then slowly progress to the real-deal: extra virgin olive oil.

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