Dr. Scott Evans joins OrthoArizona

“When I went to college, I became an EMT and did that at my college for four years, volunteered in the hospitals and knew right away I wanted to do medicine,” said Dr. Scott Evans.

Evans knew from an early age that he wanted to be a doctor. He joined OrthoArizona back in September and specializes in hand and wrist.

“I enjoy hand surgery,” Evans said. “The anatomy is small.

“The surgeries require a meticulous dissection and patients do better, so I was drawn to that,” Evans continued.

Evans did his undergraduate at Brigham Young University and then medical school at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

The doctor then completed his internship and orthopaedic surgery residency at the University of New Mexico and then a hand and upper extremity fellowship at the University of Virginia.

Evans treats hand and upper extremity issues for all ages ranging from carpal tunnel, arthritis and sports related injuries.

“Our goal when they come to our clinic is to access those needs and those specific desires and then we formulate a plan for that patient that is specific to them,” Evans said. “For some people that is much less invasive treatment and procedures and other are more aggressive.”

Evans not only likes that he can offer different kinds of treatment options for patients, but he appreciates being in practice where he can turn to other physicians for advice.

“There are so many specialists within OrthoArizona and they each have their own specific specialty in what they do well in and it’s nice to have that many people,” Evans said. “We’re all throughout the community and tied in with the local schools and local hospitals.”

A big reach in the community helping patients looking to return to the life they had before their injury.

“Some people have been living with their condition for months and even years and for them to realize that we have treatments that can help them, it’s deeply gratifying and then they can return to doing activity of daily living,” Evans said. “They can return to sports or hobbies that they haven’t been able to do for so long.”

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