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Happily back to skiing again at 80 years old after a total right knee replacement back in February 2016 by Dr. Kassman. Thank you Dr. Kassman!

Jill F. Knee Replacement Cananda 12/07/2016

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Everything going [home was] great. No problem at airports walk to and from both gates using a cane once in awhile. Doing the exercises Scott prepared for me. I am making certain I am not over doing things but keeping to my program. I go to my office for 3 to 4 hours per day Click here to continue reading…

Steve B. Hip Replacement Canada 04/13/2016

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I am a walking testimony to your skill Dr K. And I do not make any secret as to where I had the surgery done. Everyone is surprised that I am back playing my usual sports so soon (started one month after surgery). I say that the 4″ incision and the minimal invasive aspect of Click here to continue reading…

Doug B Hip Replacement Canada 04/13/2016

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Fantastic Service

Dr. Kassman was great. He spent as much time as I wanted answering my questions, came in to check on me in the hospital and to make sure I was discharged on Saturday morning (his day off), visited me at the house we rented (at his recommendation) a few days later, and was altogether professional Click here to continue reading…

Ken Hip Replacement Canada 12/23/2015

Lisa is Back on the Slopes!

Wishing all the Ortho Arizona and Timely Medical team members the very best of the holiday season and for the new year.  I continue to be deeply grateful to all of you every day, and celebrate the full life you’ve returned to me and so many others.  Today’s evidence is from opening day at our local ski hill! -Lisa

Lisa E. Knee Replacement Canada 12/11/2015

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