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Hiking and Biking – A Patient Story

As you know, we’re always happy to share our patient’s stories. Here is one from a patient who had knee replacement surgery:

“Hi Guys,
Thought that I’d give you an update on my knee.

I did go on the Mountain Biking trip to Namibia 3-months post op. The knee worked perfectly. I rode 2-3hours a day for 10 days. No Pain, acceptable swelling, total function past the 135 degrees and totally straight. I did take Celebrex daily for the entire trip (200mg O.D). I hiked a lot also without any issues.

I think a 1 1/2hour hike on this huge sand dune was a good test of the knee. No problems, is fact it was tough not to run and act totally normal. I could easily “lope” down the dune when we finished and headed back.

Thanks again gentleman, you did an amazing job. Changed my life.
Hope all is well with you and the heat isnt too overpowering yet.