“I am ever aware of the uses of our legs for transportation; and how our strides provide us with the ability to expand our horizons. Through you and your team I enjoy my freedom every day. As I look forward to celebrating a milestone birthday, my eighty, it is hard to put into words the freedom of mobility you have provided me with over these last thirty plus years.

I have been able to provide for my family, enjoy the beauty of this great nation of ours from the beaches on the east, west and south, to the highest mountains in our land. I have also enjoyed the beauty of the Grand Canyon from side to side and from top to bottom, all without pain. 

As our family has broken the bonds of Arizona and began lives across this wonderful country I have been able to be with our children; and as their families grew, to share the joy of watching our grandchildren become adults and begin their own families without stress. All of these things I would not have been able to do as easily if it were not for your knowledge, skills and commitment to providing opportunities for persons just like me to live fuller lives. It is with heartfelt thanks that I express the joy you have brought to my life, and my entire family’s.”  – Bill, patient of Dr. Vincent Russo


“Thank you for doing my total knee replacement surgery. You listened to me when I procrastinated for a year before I decided to have surgery, and then you did a great job. I am happy to be on my way to recovery.”   – Elizabeth, patient of Dr. Cynthia Kooima

“Dr Ott’s entire staff is exceptional. Everybody is friendly and competent. Best doctors’ office I have ever visited and I’ve been to quite a few.”
  – Ronald, patient of Dr. David Ott

“I really appreciate the professional way I was treated by Dr. Russo and his staff. I have total confidence in Dr. Russo. I continually recommend him to everyone who asks about my surgery.”
  – Jack, patient of Dr. Vincent Russo

“I am very pleased with my knee surgery. I think Dr. Bradway is a wonderful doctor. He did my other knee in March of this year. I have had no problems at all with either knee. It is wonderful to be able to walk again without any pain. Thank you very much Dr. Bradway.”
  – Sheryl, patient of Dr. John Bradway

“This was my second, I had the left joing replaced last year. Dr. Miller is my hero, he and his staff made this whole experience a great one. I am living and enjoying my life again. Just keep doing what your doing, I can’t imagine a better experience.”
  – Judy, patient of Dr. Curtis Miller