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Are Your Summer Shoes Hurting Your Feet?

Wearing the wrong type of shoe can start to really do a number on your feet. Our feet are one of the most important parts of our body that you rely on constantly throughout the day. We will be discussing different types of shoes and how they can affect the overall health of your feet.


First, we have to dive into one of the most popular summer shoe choices with flip-flops. These are such a popular choice because of how freeing it feels to have your feet exposed in those hot summer months. The reason we started with this was that it tends to cause the most issues. Besides your regular foot discomfort, flip-flops have led to an increase in emergency room visits.

Flip-flops also make you susceptible to conditions such as hammertoe. This condition is caused because when wearing flip-flops, you have to overcompensate to keep the shoe properly placed on your foot and curl your toes down to grip the shoe while you walk. They can also alter your Gout, which leads to other medical issues with your lower back and hips. If you insist on wearing some flip-flops, always make sure you take into account if you will be walking a lot that day.

Your feet will thank you if you pack the flip-flops and put them on at a later time once you have arrived at your destination. Also, look for a sandal or flip-flop with some kind of strap that can secure your feet to the shoe so you are not overcompensating by curling your toes.


Sneakers are another type of shoe that is used a lot in the summer. These are a great alternative to any other shoe and the best option for overall foot health as they give the most support. Be aware that these shoes wear out over time.

It’s important to listen to your feet when it’s time to get a new pair of shoes. Shoes that are worn out can lead to shin splints, runner’s knee and can cause ankle twists and sprains if you aren’t careful. Try to get to a shoe specialty store where you can meet with a professional to determine what type of sneaker is best for your foot type.


Flats have no arch support at all. This type of shoe, if worn for too long, can lead to stress fractures and plantar fasciitis. High heels are also a type of shoe that is structurally unnatural for your feet. Wearing a heel above 2 inches at least five times a week has been seen to shrink a calf muscle by 13%.

Summer can be a great time to let loose, enjoy the weather, and let your feet loose, but it should always be done responsibly. We rely on our feet every day and wearing a certain type of shoe that compromises our health will only cause issues down the road. All of the above shoes can be worn but just know the risk that comes with wearing anything for an extensive period of time.

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