Total Joint

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    OrthoArizona’s Joint Replacement Team is on the forefront of modern technologies in the diagnosis and treatment of joint deterioration and osteoarthritis conditions. With 26 joint replacement surgeons, our experienced team will provide you with the best orthopedic care and treatment options available.

    Our dedicated specialists take the time to educate you on your diagnosis, conservative or surgical options, and recovery times. And with a 98% recommendation rate, you’ll be confident to know you are under the care of the best orthopedists in Arizona with the Total Joint specialists at OrthoArizona.

    Total Joint Procedures


    • Partial Arthroplasty (replacement)
    • Total Arthroplasty (replacement)
    • Femoral Fracture


    • Partial Arthroplasty (replacement)
    • Total Arthroplasty (replacement)
    • MAKOplasty


    • Total Arthroplasty (replacement)