Foot & Ankle Fractures

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    What is a fracture?

    Fractures (or broken bones) of the foot and ankle are common. In the foot and ankle a twisting injury or a fall from a height may lead to a fracture.

    How are fractures treated?

    Fractures may be conservatively treated with a splint, walking boot, or even a cast. Patients may be permitted to bear weight or may be instructed on non-weightbearing based on the location and pattern of their fracture.

    If a fracture is unstable or involves a joint surface, surgery may be considered.

    Many fractures are not “always” treated one way. Your provider will discuss your injury and the advantages and disadvantages to the different treatment options. The patient and provider should make a decision together based on the patient’s age, medical condition, goals and their fracture pattern and location.

    *This information is not intended as a substitute for the medical recommendations of your medical provider. Please consult your physician regarding advice about a particular medical condition.

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