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Bursitis of the Shoulder

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Bursitis of the shoulder is a swelling of the fluid-filled sac (“subacromial bursa”) in the shoulder, located between a bony protrusion called the “acromion” and the rotator cuff. This sac acts as a cushion between the bone and soft tissue. Sometimes this sac can swell, and this swelling is called bursitis.


Shoulder bursitis is usually caused by constant stress or friction against the bursa. It can happen after repeated arm motions, especially with the arm raised. A lot of lifting and/or pulling can also cause it. This type of bursitis is often a problem for painters and construction workers.


Symptoms include pain and tenderness. Moving the shoulder may be difficult, and there may be a loss of range of motion. Pain can be felt both during activity and at rest, and it may cause difficulty sleeping.


Treatment options inlude rest, medications and physical therapy. If these aren’t helpful, surgery may be an option. Your healthcare provider can help create a plan that’s right for you.


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