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Foot & Ankle

Enjoy the freedom of a pain-free, active lifestyle with help from our orthopedic specialists.

The OrthoArizona Foot and Ankle Institute features a team of fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons and podiatrists. Our program, one of the largest foot and ankle practices in the country, is dedicated to providing the best possible care for patients by developing protocols and quality standards that improve foot and ankle care outcomes.

The patient is the most important piece of our program. Having a foot or ankle injury, disability or deformity is stressful, and we strive to communicate to our patients how much we want them to get better. Patients are educated on their diagnosis and treatment options so they can make decisions together with their provider.

Post-Op Exercises After Ankle Surgery

0:00 Abdominal Bracing
0:39 Quad Set
1:16 Glute Set
1:38 Short Arc Quad
2:12 Straight Leg Raise
2:42 Hip Abduction Isometric Hold
3:29 Ball Squeeze
3:55 Dead Bug Progression
5:02 Long Arc Quad
5:26 Side Lying Hip Abduction
5:56 Transferring From Sitting to Standing (from a chair to a walker)


Casting is often provided after a traumatic injury to stabilize bones or joints. Many of our surgical patients are also placed in a cast after surgery while healing to improve their outcome.

Digital X-Ray

Many of our offices utilize the latest in digital imaging to ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment. This allows us to immediately view high-resolution images obtained in our office and review them with you to assist with shared decision making. Digital imaging combined with our fully electronic medical records allows us to view your images or chart while you are at the hospital or surgery center if any questions arise.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is vital for the recovery of our patients after injury. Patients that live close may benefit from OrthoArizona physical therapists as they work directly with the surgeon to make sure your outcome is the best possible. Our therapists only treat orthopedic patients and several specialize in foot and ankle disorders. Because we all use the same medical record system, there is excellent verbal and electronic communication about your care. Patients that travel to an OrthoArizona Foot and Ankle Specialist often complete their physical therapy closer to where they live for convenience.

Orthotics and Bracing

What are Orthotics and Bracings for?

Orthotics and bracing are very common in the treatment of foot and ankle conditions. They can be used to correct a deformity or unload part of the foot.

Can I get them at the store?

Orthotics and braces can be considered “off-the-shelf” or custom. Custom braces or orthotics are usually reserved for patients with significant deformity or when simple “off-the-shelf” braces do not work.

Does Insurance cover them?

Insurance covers many different, but not all, orthotics and braces.