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About Us

OrthoArizona has 70 premier musculoskeletal specialists. The orthopedic surgeons and primary care physicians specialize in all areas of orthopedic care including sports, medicine, spine, shoulder and elbow, hand and wrist, hip and knee, foot and ankle, podiatry, trauma, industrial injuries and workers’ compensation.

Orthopedic Specialists of North America (OSNA)

Arizona Bone and Joint Specialists is proud to be a partner of Orthopedic Specialists of North America. OSNA is comprised of more than 60 of the premier orthopedic specialists in Arizona.

OSNA first began in 1994 as the Orthopedic Surgeons Network of Arizona. Orthopedic surgeons banded together in Phoenix in response to changes in managed care. The goal of the organization was to find the best orthopedic surgeons around who were willing to participate in a rigorous peer accountability process.

Patient care has always been first in everything OSNA does. Each patient’s problem is carefully evaluated, especially the indications for surgery and the identification of any reasonable alternatives. An evidence-based view towards any patient’s orthopedic problem is considered a top priority.

Patients are often caught in the middle between their doctor and the insurance company, but OSNA took time to develop relationships with insurance companies to keep patients out of the middle. Reviews by insurance carriers have consistently shown that OSNA physicians demonstrate higher quality.

The new OSNA was formed in May 2010. OSNA, PPL, is a partnership, owned and operated by physicians. North America was added in the hope that OSNA may add value to other orthopedic practices outside Arizona.

OSNA physicians are committed to providing the highest level of orthopedic care possible because the foundation of patient care is quality. OSNA offers many services including general orthopedics, pediatric orthopedics, sports medicine, trauma care, fracture care, orthopedic surgery, arthroscopic surgery, total joint replacement, spine surgery, shoulder surgery, knee surgery, foot and ankle surgery, minimally invasive surgery, pain management, and arthritis treatment. OSNA also offers physical therapy which includes therapeutic exercise, spine mobilization, soft tissue and joint mobilization, functional movement exercises, and stretching/flexibility programs.

OSNA’s website ( is designed for easy access and first time visitors. Orthopedic issues usually come down to “what hurts?” In the What Hurts Overview section, potential patients may click on the part of the body that is causing them pain, such as hand and wrist, elbow, shoulder, neck, back, hip, knee, or foot and ankle, and then learn why they may be experiencing pain.

Each patient at OSNA is treated as an individual. Patients are not viewed as body parts but as human beings with much to contribute to their care. They are listened to before and after treatment and OSNA values the stories of their experiences. The Patient Stories section offers several examples as to how the many members of OSNA helped patients deal with their pain. Each story offers a sense of the expertise OSNA brings to the table and the relationships that are built.

The Finding a Doctor section helps potential patients who are ready to take the next step in treating their pain by describing what hurts and their location. The handy search engine finds the closest pain management professionals in a patient’s area who are part of OSNA.