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Prehab:  The secret to staying injury-free

sports medicine phoenix azPrehab refers to taking preventative measures to reduce your chance of injury. Prehab exercises generally target more specific movements and muscles, which may get neglected in a regular gym or sports program.

Some of the most common injuries or pains that active people may experience are in the shoulders, knees, hamstrings, and ankles. Sports such as soccer, running, football or swimming can all benefit from Prehab.

Why is Prehab Important?

Reducing your risk of injury is very important because prevention is cheaper than treatment. Less time spent injured means more time spent doing the things you enjoy. Taking the time now to do preventative exercises can save time rehabbing in the future. Prehab will help prepare your body for the physical demands of your favorite sport or activity.

Prehab for Injury Prevention

Those with physically demanding jobs may find that the pain-relieving techniques taught at physical therapy can help them perform better at work. For example, military professionals are more prone to develop foot, knee, hip, and back problems due to the rigors of training and combat. Prehab can mitigate many of these injuries by teaching correct lifting techniques, proper posture, and effective core strengthening exercises that keep service members strong and healthy. The same can be said for construction workers, firefighters, factory workers, or other employees in highly physical occupations.

Focusing on the areas that are stressed by everyday movement and poor habits, a physical therapist may look at your most injury-prone areas and helps you correct any problems before you get hurt. Working with a physical therapist can help strengthen your core and correct your posture, keeping you strong and healthy. Physical therapy is also an ideal way to begin an exercise regimen (since an object in motion tends to stay in motion). Focused on strength, mobility, and balance, Prehab can keep you injury-free for life as you begin the process of getting in shape.

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