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Sleeping Positions for Back Pain Relief

If you are suffering from back pain and you perform a strenuous job 8 hours a day, the duties from your job may be causing your pain. Doing anything 8 hours straight can impact your body, even sleep.

Your sleeping position has a significant impact on your well-being which many people overlook. A good sleeping position can bring you much-needed back pain relief quickly.

Here are some sleeping position tips for back pain relief!

Using a Pillow while Sleeping on Your Back

Adjustable beds can be expensive. If you want to sleep on your back, utilize a comfortable pillow! Position a pillow under your knees while lying completely flat on your back. This will help keep your spine neutral with a slight curve. It also enables you to distribute your weight more evenly, which can relieve back pain. Additionally, you may benefit even further if you put a rolled-up towel beneath the lower portion of your back.

Using a Pillow while Sleeping on Your Stomach 

If you sleep on your stomach without support, you may increase your back pain. However, you can make sleeping on your stomach a pain-free position by placing a pillow under your stomach to help your spine remain in a neutral position. This is helpful if you prefer to sleep on your stomach and don’t want to find a new sleeping position.

Fetal Position

If you have a herniation disk, this position helps because it involves your back curving, head bowing, and limbs bending toward your torso while you lay on your side. This position helps you open up space in between your vertebrae to relieve pressure on the injured disc. To prevent imbalance, make sure you switch sides throughout the night.

Reclined Position

Try to sleep in a reclining position on your bed to ease your back pain and discomfort (rather than sleeping in a recliner). You may want to invest in an adjustable bed that can keep the upper portion of your body slightly elevated since it’s not natural to remain in this position as you sleep. A reclined position can relieve pressure on your spine.

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