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Staying Fit at Home

Covid-19 has changed nearly everyone’s life in the past year. With the pandemic presenting new challenges in our daily lives, you may be wondering how to continue to be a better version of yourself by being more physically fit. Here are a few steps you can take to staying fit at home.

Have a Plan

Setting aside some time to yourself to create a plan that works best for you is a significant first step. Many people have regular exercise fitting it into their everyday schedule, which can present challenges. By just taking some time and looking at what your every day is like currently, you give yourself the best chance to schedule a time where you can devote a fraction of your day to working out and staying healthy. Does a workday schedule still not seem possible to fit a workout routine in? Consider waking up an hour earlier than your typical wake time to focus solely on working out.

There are plenty of ways to incorporate exercise into your everyday life with some simple workout exercises. Do you sit at a desk with a chair? Take 5 minutes and do chair squats with your arms out. Is there an open space in your living room or bedroom? Set a timer for 5 minutes and do continuous jumping jacks. These are just a couple of examples that show anyone is able to practice good health by staying fit at home.

Always have Variety

A big reason people can’t stay consistent in being active is a lack of variety. Doing the same exercises time after time will start to get old and boring. You need to bring creativity to fitness to stay engaged. Another reason for the lack of consistency is injuries. If you can’t seem to have enough exercises for different muscle groups, you open yourself up to injury due to overuse of a muscle group.

Use your schedule to incorporate different exercises for that certain day for that muscle group. The options for choosing certain exercises are limitless. Dips, squats, pushups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, planks are just a few to choose from. Are you tired of being inside the house? Mix it up! Exercising outdoor is a great option for anyone looking to take in some fresh air while striving to be more fit. Another great option is by using the park of a break you take for lunch and walk around your block. Walking is a great way to get more fit. It takes no extra effort than your normal daily life and can have tremendous health benefits for you.

Have Accountability

Knowing that you have a team or an individual to keep you accountable is one of the most important steps to take in striving to be more fit at home. If you can find someone that shares the same passion you have of wanting to be more fit, you drastically increase your chances of staying committed to being healthier. Phone calls, texts, Facebook are just a few examples of home you can connect to others that have that same drive that wants to be more fit at home.

Regardless of what your current situation is during the Covid-19 pandemic, there are always things you can do to be healthier. Being physically active will increase your lifespan and can even lower your stress. Wherever you are at home, there is always an exercise you can do to stay fit at home.

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