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Doug’s Hip Replacement and Pilates Benefits

Dr. Kassman recently performed a hip replacement surgery on Doug B. from Canada, and we received this great success story from him afterwards and wanted to to share that with you. The video above is from his Pilate’s instructor, where he also talks about his surgery. Below the video, you can read the letter from Doug, where he talks about his hip as well as his experience with exercise and Pilates prior to surgery.

Hi everyone,

I want to share my moment of fame with you per the video hot link in email below. Hard to believe my Pilates instructor put this together with her iPhone 4.

The serious message is that the fitter one can walk into hip surgery – the faster and better one will recover afterwards. I was lucky in that my hip surgery was “just in time” or preemptive to a large degree. My family doctor said not to wait (I could have limped around for years) as during the waiting period muscle mass would be lost that can never be recovered.

I am 68 years old and the next 10 years of sporting activity are very important to me. I hope you can influence others to “not delay” and where possible to exercise with a specific program well in advance of hip surgery. Pilates is one tool to accomplish that.

Best regards,


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