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Successful Hip Replacement – A Patient’s Story

We are always pleased to hear from our patients. We recently received this letter from Frank regarding his surgery:

In the late fall of 2016,  I was increasingly troubled by pain associated with a failing hip.  After proceeding along normal channels and meeting and speaking with various orthopedic services I quickly became aware that a long term delay..perhaps a year—was in front of me. It does not  have to be acceptable to any individual who is active, outdoors, travel and and sports oriented to accept pain and fundamental life style changes and constraints.

In my search for solutions, I came in contact with Rick Baker and his Timely Medical Services in North Vancouver. He fully outlined the services provided, costs related thereto, testimonials from other clients, benefits and risks. He was fully forthcoming on all issues.

Thereafter I was  put in in contact with Dr. Steven R. Kassman, of OrthoArizona who, with his surgical and support services, undertook a comprehensive assessment of my situation.

That assessment was thorough, complete in every way,  demanding of all necessary reports and examinations necessary to fully understand me, my general state of health, and prospects for successful surgery.  All elements of the surgery …and risks and benefits associated therewith… were discussed. Dr. Kassman contacted and shared information with my personal Physician.

I completed my thorough assessment of this opportunity  and quickly determined to proceed. Final arrangements were completed with Rick and a surgery date..within a month was set for Glendale, Arizona.

On arrival, I completed several pre-op examinations and met medical and support staff who would assist me through this process. This is a tight surgical and support team and, while operating with the highest professional approaches,  it was none the less supportive, friendly, engaging  and encouraging. It is clear that all enjoy working with each other and understood the value of engaging the is a calming environment.

Surgery was successful and the hospital facilities, staff and services were very good in recovery. In just a few days,  I was back in my hotel and transported as required for follow=up meetings with the Doctor. Physio staff attended at both the hospital and hotel.
Follow up continued after my return.
In all—a very positive experience and a lot of respect for some great people doing a great job.