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(Kassman) Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials
Want to know what others think of Dr. Kassman?

Read personal stories and experiences written from a variety of patients commenting on their lives after surgery performed by Dr. Steven R. Kassman. Testimonials include patients who have undergone surgery for the hip, knee, and shoulder.

What Patients are Saying

She is strutting around Whitehorse proclaiming to all the miracle she received in Phoenix. Everyone is completely taken aback at how quickly she is recovering and how good she looks and she is positively glowing. Thank you again for all that you have done for my mother and also for the high level of care that you extended to all of us. Take care of yourself and regards to your family.

— Rose M., Michael W. and Rita F.

Hi Dr. Kassman, Just a note to let you know I have been back in Canada for about a month and I have played hockey at least a dozen times. My knee is great…it’s taking awhile for the rest of me…legs …wind..etc. Overall I feel better then a year or so. Thank you again.

— Norm B. (70 year old MAKOplasty® patient)

Hello Dr. Kassman, it’s now 2 months since my operation. The fishing trip went well. My knee is doing well I think. If you saw me walking and exercising you would be happy with your operation. Looks like nothing wrong.

— Happy patient, Clem D.

Good morning Dr Kassman! You are no doubt already out walking your dogs and then heading out to hospital, but I did so want to let you know that I am doing very well! Have been going up and down stairs here at home to do laundry and walking better each and every day. Also on very little pain medication…I am so eternally grateful for all that you have done for me – how can I not think of you with every step? Have a wonderful day!

— Jeanne

More Patient Stories

“You gave me back my life. The Makoplasty surgery was a 100% amazing success! Many Thanks. Your first Canadian MAKOplasty® patient at Arrowhead Hospital.” -Rita F.

“Rita is doing very well and you can probably hear her praises from the Yukon. Rita sees a lady who had a full replacement at about the same time and she is still using a walker.”  All the best, Michael and Rose

“Hello Dr. Kassman, it’s now 2 months since my operation. The fishing trip went well. My knee is doing well I think. If you saw me walking and exercising you would be happy with your operation. Looks like nothing wrong.” Happy patient, Clem D.

“Thought I’d let you know that my knee is progressing very well. I have played golf 5 times. The therapist told me to go home. The big test will come this spring when I plan to resume hockey. I am very pleased with the outcome and thanks again for working with me to avoid a full replacement.” Best Regards, Norm B. (71 YO 2 months post-op)

“Hi Dr. Kassman, Just a note to let you know I have been back in Canada for about a month and I have played hockey at least a dozen times. My knee is great…it’s taking awhile for the rest of me…legs …wind..etc. Thank you again.” Norm B. (5 months post-op)

“I have been a nurse for 30+ years and have cared for many orthopedic patients after knee surgery. I have never seen the recovery my spouse has experienced with this procedure ever before in my career. He used a walker for 2 days, a cane for 3-4 days, had simple home exercises, and no CPM or physical therapy. Today, 2 weeks later he is walking without mechanical assistance, no pain medication, and the most beautiful thing to observe is the fact that he is walking straight and upright. No more waddling like a duck. I owe you many thanks. I am a strong believer in MAKOplasty®.” Sincerely, Elizabeth A. (spouse)

“Dr. Kassman was great.  He spent as much time as I wanted answering my questions, came in to check on me in the hospital and to make sure I was discharged on Saturday morning (his day off), visited me at the house we rented (at his recommendation) a few days later, and was altogether professional and personable.  The hospital staff were similarly professional and helpful, and the hospital itself very comfortable.  The physio, Scott, was particularly helpful and I give him a lot of credit for getting me up on my feet quickly…after my hip replacement. I have nothing but positive things to say about the experience.  Needless to say I will recommend Dr. Kassman, unreservedly.”  – Ken

Hello Dr Kassman. I would be happy to have your patients email me, I know the anxieties she is likely to have (similar to my own before  experiencing the trip for myself)  and will be able to reassure her. Hopefully. Meanwhile, my new hip is now an integral part of my body,giving me little trouble.” – Regards, Helen

“Hello Dr. Kassman, I just want to thank you, Scott and your staff for the fantastic service I received. I was very apprehensive before the surgery but you explained it very well and put me at my ease. I would not hesitate to recommend your services and that of the hospital to anyone interested. The journey home was uneventful (luckily) and I am continuing physio  under the direction of my local physiotherapist who. incidentally, is amazed at my progress in such a short time. Once again, thank you very much.” – Regards, Tony L.

Letters to Dr. Kassman

At eight-two years old, Mildred’s spirit was alive and well but her right knee was not. Debilitating pain shooting up her leg prevented her from walking without hanging onto to something, anything. Her primary care doctor referred her to Dr. Kassman for help. “He was so busy that it took about a month to get in but it was worth the wait!” In December of 2011 Mildred had knee replacement surgery at Surgical Specialty Hospital in Phoenix. She walked unaided shortly after surgery and by Spring, she was planting bushes in her backyard. “I’ve had no problems recovering. It’s been wonderful.”

Patient: Mildred M. / Peoria, AZ / 82

A lifelong athlete, at 51 Trudy was sidelined not only from her favorite sports but also from her work travel. Continuous pain in her right knee caused her to stop participating in racquetball, softball, basketball, and even swimming. A veteran of two previous surgeries, Trudy had spent years of her life in therapy and treatment for her knee. A referral from Dr. Rides brought her to Dr. Kassman, resulting in surgery in the Summer of 2012. She is very satisfied with the outcome, and “absolutely loves Dr. Kassman.” Four months following a successful knee replacement, Trudy returned to active sports such as biking, hiking, and swimming. She looks forward to water skiing in the future! Pleased to have increased motion and to be free of pain in her right knee, she plans to have Dr. Kassman perform surgery on her left knee. Trudy emphasizes that she, “should have done the procedure earlier and not suffered for so long.”

Patient: Trudy M. / Gilbert, AZ /51

Jonas loved traveling and fishing but the bone on bone grinding in his right knee was making it impossible to participate in those activities. And although he enjoyed spending time with his niece watching cartoons, at age 76, he didn’t want to be limited to only sedentary pastimes. Cigna referred him to Dr. Kassman, who he found “personable and friendly.” A few months after knee replacement surgery, Jonas returned to his favorite activities including volunteering at the hospital, and a fishing trip to Arkansas, things he had been unable to do prior to surgery. His advice is, “If you have a knee problem, take care of it, don’t wait.” He highly recommends Dr. Kassman and the treatment he received.

Patient: Jonas K. / Phoenix, AZ / 76

From her experience of over 10 years as a patient of Dr. Kassman, Rachel declares, “He’s the best in town.” Having no cartilage in her knee caused limited mobility and constant pain, which contributed to lack of focus and inability to do certain workouts. Enjoying hiking and biking, and wanting to return to being an active 47 years, in both her work and play, Rachel chose knee replacement surgery with Dr. Kassman at Surgical Specialty Hospital. Absolutely satisfied with the outcome, Rachel happily mopped her floor just days after the surgery, feeling that getting right back to her normal activity assisted in her healing process. Rachel reports losing 20 pounds as a result of getting back to work and normal exercise after surgery, without her former pain. Prior to this procedure, she considered herself too young for knee replacement surgery and believes she held out for too long. Now, sharing her thoughts with potential patients, Rachel says, “Life is too short to live in pain – don’t waste your time or delay yourself from living the life you want.” Rachel’s future plans include walking the Great Wall in China… We hope she sends us a picture!

Patient: Rachel P. / Peoria, AZ / 47