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Athletic Training Program

Our Athletic Performance Program is built on the 6‐Rs: Restore, Reprogram, Rebuild, Recover, Repeat, and Rehabilitate as needed. Our individualized approach is built on maximizing athletic performance while minimizing the risk of injury. No two people are the same and therefore no two people should be trained the same.

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Restoring optimal biomechanical alignment is crucial in achieving peak performance. This begins with a baseline assessment that measures the athlete’s physical and mental qualities, allowing us to create their individual development profile (IDP). Each IDP allows us to create a specific plan of action to facilitate each athlete’s development by correcting identified mental and physical deficits.

Reprogramming movement patterns begins with the concept of specificity. Specificity of activity is perhaps the most influential component in achieving peak performance, which is why we teach motor skills in the context that has the highest transfer to an individual’s specific sport.

Rebuilding an athlete on a strong foundation that has been restored and reprogrammed is where we can raise everyone’s potential ceiling. Consistency of strength, power, and speed stressors using plyometric training, medicine ball training, full speed movement skill training, and resistance training at efforts of 95% or greater drives peak performance to new heights.

Recovery is a cornerstone of athletic performance and injury prevention, making it an integral part of the Athletic Performance Program. Each athlete has an individualized corrective exercise program to facilitate the recovery process, manage workload appropriately, and never reach the stage of overtraining, exhaustion, or burnout.

Repeating the process is game planning the optimal frequency of training in which the athlete can make the most efficient gains. This is based on the individual’s goals, needs, workload, and upcoming athletic schedule.

Rehabilitation is not something we inherently plan for our athletes. However, injuries are part of athletics and as such, we work hand in hand with our elite physical therapy department to facilitate and expedite the healing process if an injury does occur. Having a highly qualified staff of performance coaches and physical therapists that work in the same facility streamlines the healing process.

Our Athletic Performance Program simultaneously implements each of the Rs in varying degrees during each session based on the individual’s IDP. The nature of this continuum allows our coaches the freedom to cater to the needs of the individual always, optimizing athletic performance and minimizing the risk of injury.

1-on-1 Training (Click to learn more)
1-on-1 training is completely individualized in every aspect of the training process. From start to finish, our OrthoArizona performance coach is assigned to the athlete based on their sport, streamlining the developmental process. Due to the specialized nature of the one on one coach – athlete relationship, an athlete with highly specific goals, needs, and/or timelines would benefit most from this option. While our one on one programming uses out 6-R Approach, having a private program allows the coach more freedom to address areas that need more focus in the athlete’s individual development profile (IDP) to optimize goal achievement.
Team Training (Click to learn more)
Team training provides an opportunity for a team of any sport to improve everyone’s athletic performance under identical conditions at our most affordable rate. Using our science-based method, team training develops sport specific athletic performance while strengthening team camaraderie. This option affords the convenience of scheduling performance training in coordination with team activities while also keeping each player on the same periodization model. Using this model allows us to progress each athlete at the same rate to reach peak performance when the time is right, while avoiding overtraining or burnout.
Small Group Training (Click to learn more)
Performance training groups work with all levels and varieties of athletes (youth developmental, collegiate, and professional), using science-based methods to maximize each individual’s athletic performance by pushing them to new heights while minimizing their risk of injury. Performance groups are led by our highly qualified performance staff, providing an individualized – sport specific – training experience while never exceeding a ratio of 6:1 (athlete(s):coach). Our structure allows an affordable option to athletes of all demographics compared to other options.
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