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Rotator Cuff Repair Makes Cents

Shoulder pain is one of the most common reasons patients seek treatment from their doctor. Estimates put the number at approximately 4.5 million annually. Of these patients with shoulder pain 250,000 undergo surgery for repair of a rotator cuff tear. Recent research indicates that rotator cuff repairs for these patients save American society nearly $3.5 billion dollars annually.

Why does cost matter?

We all know that health care expenses have grown at rates well above overall inflation rates. This puts a significant burden upon society as individuals, companies, and government entities struggle to pay for rising costs. The reasons for these rising costs are many and beyond the scope of this blog. Cost should never be the sole consideration in determining best treatment but in the real world it can’t be ignored as a consideration.

Rotator cuff repair saves money

Dr. Steven R. Kassman repairs rotator cuff joint painWith the rise in medical costs over the past several decades pressure has been put on the system to demonstrate not only that prescribed treatments help or solve the primary problem being treated but also that they are cost effective. Recent research demonstrates that rotatorcuff repair saves the American society nearly $3.5 billion dollars annually. Cost savings come from less time lost at work, higher worker productivity or better function on the job, and less payment for disability or unemployment.

Effective treatment is available

If you are one of the 4.5 million people who suffer from shoulder pain each year see your orthopedic surgeon. Current MRI technology makes accurate diagnosis quick and painless. If you think you might have a rotator cuff tear find out more. You can even watch a minimally invasive surgery of an actual rotator cuff repair. You don’t have to suffer with shoulder pain.