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Note: While this is intended to be a guide, please tailor progression to the patient’s surgical procedure and response to treatment. The diagnosis, the surgery performed, and the patient’s pre-operative level all play important roles in the post-operative period. Therapy is generally initiated at 1-2 weeks postop. This protocol is a general timeline, and can be accelerated or decelerated according to each individual situation. The protocol is NOT intended to be a comprehensive outline of all activities and restrictions.

This therapy protocol is intended for current patients of Dr. Hansen who are actively under his care. Dr. Hansen reserves the right to change all or part of this protocol based on individual patient progress. Please contact our office if you have questions or concerns.

Thank you for your care of our shared patient!

Frequency: 2-3 times per week for 12-16 weeks

1)      Phase 1: Weeks 0-2

Goal: Protect surgical repair

  1. Precautions
    1. Keep splint intact until removed by surgeon in clinic (generally 7-10 days postop)
    2. Use sling except when showering or physical therapy for first 6 weeks
  • No active elbow flexion or wrist supination
  1. Weeks 1-2
    1. AROM hand, PROM wrist/elbow

2)      Phase 2: Weeks 3-6

Goal: Advance PROM

  1. Precautions
    1. Use sling for 6 weeks
  1. No lifting, pushing, pulling or carrying surgical arm
  • No active flexion or wrist supination until 6+ weeks postop
  1. Weeks 4-6
    1. PROM as tolerated with goal of full ROM by week 6

3)      Phase 3: Weeks 7-12

Goal: Advance AROM

  1. Precautions
    1. Discontinue sling at 6 weeks
    2. No lifting, pushing, pulling or carrying with surgical arm
  2. Weeks 7-10
    1. Advance AAROM and AROM as tolerated
  3. Weeks 10-12
    1. Gradual advancement of strengthening if full AROM achieved

4)      Phase 4: Weeks 12-16

Goals: Full AROM, initiate strengthening

  1. Precautions
    1. No lifting >5 lbs
  2. Weeks 12-16:
    1. Gradual strengthening & work hardening

5)      Phase 5: Week 16+

Most patients will complete therapy between weeks 12-16 in favor of a home program

  1. Weeks 16+
    1. Release to advance full activity if prior milestones met

Guide to advance activity (as tolerated and pending surgeon approval):

  • 1-3 weeks: sedentary work if not taking narcotics
  • 10-12 weeks: driving if progressing well, full ROM achieved
  • 3-4 months: light manual job, advance sport specific activities
  • 4+ months: advance activity as tolerated, full manual job, initiate golf advancement

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