Physical Therapy

Enjoy the freedom of a pain-free, active lifestyle with help from our orthopedic specialists.

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    Our team of 25+ physical therapists, located in 9 locations throughout the Valley, work hand-in-hand with OrthoArizona physicians to help patients achieve their desired recovery goals. We see patients of all ages, ranging from professional and student athletes, weekend warriors, those with acute injuries or degenerative disorders, and those who simply want to get back to daily activities without any pain.

    Whether healing from surgery or bouncing back from a common injury, our physical therapy team guides patients through the entire recovery process with a hands-on approach and customized treatment plans. At the onset of therapy, goals are clearly outlined with ongoing communication between patient, physician and therapist to ensure the best possible outcome as soon as possible.  At the conclusion of therapy, our patients gain long-term relief AND the opportunity to live without limits once again!

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