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Michael Wilmink, MD

Total Joint & General Orthopedics

Dr. Michael Wilmink is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who has practiced in the Valley for 15 years.

He is drawn to the unique problem-solving aspects that the field of orthopedic surgery presents. Whether this be through arthroscopic joint reconstruction of shoulder or knee injuries or complex joint replacement of the hip or knee, Dr. Wilmink’s experience in practice will deliver you the outcome that you deserve.

As the surgeon who introduced the anterior hip replacement to Arizona in 2007, Dr. Wilmink feels compelled to introduce new and improved technology to the Phoenix community through his prudent appreciation and judgment of current scientific advancements.

He is a member of the Phoenix Thunderbirds, which allows him to work with other community leaders to raise charitable dollars that exceeded $9 million dollars last year.  As an alumnus UCLA All-American Water Polo Player, Dr. Wilmink follows John Wooden’s philosophy of “Work hard, stay humble.”

“At six years old, I decided I wanted to be a “Brain Surgeon”. I obviously didn’t know what that meant at that age. I played water polo from a very young age and at age 15 started playing on the national team. I played on that team through my third year in medical school. We traveled around the world to play and always had our team physicians with us. The exposure to that profession piqued my interest. The sports side of the profession and the daily problem-solving confirmed my decision to go into orthopedic surgery. Nothing ever presents the same in orthopedics.”


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Frequently Asked Questions

After practicing for fifteen years as an orthopaedic surgeon I have found that it is much easier and less stressful for patients to go through a surgery and recovery when they have an idea of what to expect before they begin their journey.  My physician assistant, Adrienne Kelley, and myself have put together these FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) for patients undergoing total knee and hip replacement surgery.  Of course there are more questions and topics that will need to be covered when surgery is discussed in the office.  Hopefully these files can alleviate some anxiety and allow for a better patient experience.

Is it possible to get both hips replaced at the same time?

Click here to read a case study about getting both hips replaced at the same time with Dr. Wilmink.

Common Surgical Procedures Performed by Dr. Wilmink


  1. Total Hip Replacement Anterior Approach
  2. Revision Hip Replacement- Anterior and Posterior approaches utilized
  3. Tendon Repair
    1. Hamstring Rupture
    2. Gluteus Medius/Abductor Tears
  4. Fracture Repair
  5. Open Repair of Proximal Hamstring Rupture
  6. Open Treatment of Impingement/CAM Lesions
  7. IT Band Lengthening/Bursectomy


  1. Arthroscopic Repair of Tendon/Ligament/Cartilage Injuries
    1. Meniscus Tears, Anterior Cruciate Ligament tears, Loose Bodies, etc.
  2. Total Knee Replacement
    1. Anatomy and Function of the Knee
    2. VISIONAIRE Patient Matched Technology
    3. Journey II Active Knee Solutions

    4. All information provided on this website is for information purposes only. Every patient's case is unique and each patient should follow his or her doctor's specific instructions. Please discuss nutrition, medication and treatment options with your doctor to make sure you are getting the proper care for your particular situation. If you are seeking this information in an emergency situation, please call 911 and seek emergency help.

      All materials copyright © 2020 Smith & Nephew, All Rights Reserved.

  3. Partial Knee Replacement
  4. Revision Total Knee Replacement
  5. Treatment of Insufficiency Fracture of Knee
  6. Fracture Fixation of Knee/Patella


  1. Arthroscopic or Mini-Open Repair of Tendon/Ligament/Cartilage Injuries
    1. Rotator Cuff, Labrum, Cartilage, Loose Bodies
  2. Fracture Repair of Clavicle, Humerus, and Acromioclavicular joint Injuries
  3. Manipulation of Frozen Shoulder and/or Arthroscopic Release of Shoulder Capsule


  1. Tennis Elbow Reconstruction
  2. Trigger Finger Release
  3. Open Carpal Tunnel Release
  4. Forearm and Elbow Fracture Repair

This is a list of commonly performed surgeries, there are additional surgeries that Dr. Wilmink performs that are not be listed here.

Dr. Wilmink performs surgery with his physician assistant, Adrienne Kelley.  Adrienne is on all the same insurance carries as Dr. Wilmink.

Dr. Wilmink in the News

Dr. Wilmink is a member of the Phoenix Thunderbirds, who recently helped the Metro Phoenix Boys & Girls Club open a new gym in Phoenix.

The Thunderbirds, hosts of the Waste Management Phoenix Open, also raised a record $9,369,873 for local charities through proceeds raised from the 2016 tournament

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